Friday, October 19, 2012

New Kitchen!!

 After 3 months of planning, finding the right people to work with, making all the decisions and waiting for it to all come together I am so very happy to share that our kitchen is done!!  We did indeed find the right people to work with and they all did such an amazing job. In a word, it is gorgeous! To refresh your memory you can click here for before's a huge change:) Here is the view from across the hallway in my walk in pantry. During the waiting time we replaced our dining table and love it so much better. Before we had an oval table and it just didn't fit well in the space, so we found a great deal for an antique mohagany table off craigslist. Thankfully the chairs were a good color and still super nice so we kept them and all the woods blend really well.
 Here is the sink side of the kitchen that looks out into the living room. I decided to go with a black granite composite sink and let me say it is pure love!! I have a sink that doesn't water spot and looks clean even if it's not :) And it's super deep...I've never had a deep sink before so that is really nice too. We took the granite all the way up to the pass through window so I have no gap and it's really wonderful for keeping clean as well. We kept the same height throughout the rest of the kitchen and I love that it gives it a bit more wow with out adding in extra tile or some other material.
 Here is the stove side. Before the  counter ended where you see my napkin holder. We added on about 2 feet more counter and a whole extra cabinet. It make the whole kitchen so much bigger. I love all the extra space I gained too! You can see the china hutch sits on the extra counter space and I really love it. We are still deciding what to do about a stove hood. We may just put lighting instead.
 Back to the sink side, this is the pop out sink with gorgeous decorative legs. Really gives it some character and breaks up the straight lines of the galley style. Plus is gave me way more counter in front and behind the sink and so much less water is jumping out onto the floor now!
 Here is the pass through window that looks out into the living room. We added a large shelf that connects the two cabinets on either side and my favorite part, the decorative shelves on either side! I love them so much:) This window looks so much larger now and it's so much fun to decorate.
 Here is the gorgeous china hutch! This is also one of my very favorite additions not only for the bigger counter space but for having a place to display my English china and it's my work/phone station. Not sure if you can tell easily, but the hutch part is popped out a couple inches farther than the main wall cabinets so it really looks like it's own piece.
 Here is looking in the pass through window from the living room. We have the top as a grainte shelf and carried the same crown under it. It really pulls it together and makes the window and grainite pop.
And finally here is the pony wall by the front door that we also topped in granite and again carried the crown to. So when you walk in your eye is drawn to all the elements and you can see the china hutch really well too. I am beyond pleased with how it all came together and we truly did work with the best people. The grainte is gorgeous, the wood is warm and lovely and honestly the pictures don't do it justice. I am so happy to have it done and am anxious to get back to cooking:)  Thanks for going on this journey with me! I"d love to hear your thoughts!


Kathy Mc said...

Just gorgeous ~ new cupboards and all. Love your granite and your high backsplash. Can see why you're anxious to get cooking! TFS, Leah.

Linda said...

Leah, it's beautiful!! I am so happy that your dream kitchen is finished. Enjoy!!

Kara said...

Beautiful!! Enjoy it!

June K said...

It came out lovely.

Linda Nicholson said...

Such a beautiful kitchen! The countertops are especially pretty and that hutch is awesome! I also like the little shelves next to your pass through window!

Such a wonderful space to cook in!


Steph Hilt said...

Just beautiful! The granite counter top is going to be so nice! With the holidays just around the corner am sure your new kitchen will get a great workout!

Marybeth said...

Very pretty! Enjoy! Thanks for sharing.

Mara Campbell said...

wow! It's gorgeous!!!! Congrats on the new kitchen!

Leigh said...

It looks wonderful, Leah! Enjoy!
Over my stove, we took an extra piece of shelving from my cabinets and made a shelf there. I really like it.

Joyce said...

This is just beautiful. Congratulations on having it done. I"m sure it will be the site of many wonderful family meals, homework sessions, etc.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

HI Leah, thanks for sharing your kitchen with me. It looks beautiful! Enjoy it every day, I sure do mine.

Poulin Home Design said...

Wow, that kitchen cabinets are looking so good and I like such cool designs. thanks for sharing with us.
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