Friday, September 7, 2012

Before Pictures of my Kitchen

I wanted to share some before pictures of my kitchen as we are soon to be making some real progress on it! The cabinets are ordered and Monday we got to pick out our granite. Very excited about it all coming together and it will be so beautiful when it's all done. I love my galley style kitchen so much as it's so effecient to cook in and honestly has made me fall in love with cooking even more since moving into our home almost 2 years ago. Hopefully early next month I can share "after" pictures with you! Thanks for coming on this adventure with me.

 This the the view from across the hall in my pantry area looking into the dining area and overall kitchen. On the right side you can see a big pass through window. The ledge of that window will be granite and the granite backsplash will come all the up to the bottom of it and continue throughout the entire kitchen. It will be a fabulous feature for cleanablity and will give a lot more accent to the gorgeous granite we've picked out. The sink will also be given more definition by having it bumped out about 3 inches and will have some decorative accents to it as well as gaining more space in front and behind counter wise. The sink will go to being undermounted. Cannot wait for this!!
 Where the little curio is will be a built in china hutch with the counter being extended about 2 extra feet. SO exctied about this addition as it will give me a little work area that is seperate from the main counter space and I will have a pretty place to display my English China tea cups :)
The is the side with the pass through window and as you can see the existing counter is falling apart. The room at the far end is my wonderful walk in pantry. Just another reason I love my kitchen! The cabinets will be a dark walnut color alder wood and the grainte we've chosen is a creamy white base with dark feathering and touches of other colors in it. Looking forward to sharing after pictures soon!


Kathy Mc said...

Sounds very interesting, Leah. Can't wait to see your "after" pictures. Lots of BIG decisions when remodeling, especially a kitchen. Good Luck!

Leigh said...

It sounds like it will be fabulous, Leah!

Cricut Couple said...

Congratulations Leah! Can't wait to see the after pics. Are you going with any type of theme? How exciting!!!