Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review of Chameleon Pens

Hello! Today I wanted to share my review of Chameleon Pens. I've been working with them for several months now and have gotten to know more about how they work and how I like to use them. 

The idea behind them is one pen can create many tones of color and I do find this to be true. There are two nibs to each pen, a brush nib and a bullet nib. You can infuse either nib with the toning solution which basically dilutes the pure color for a time and you get a much lighter tone of color which gradually goes back to the pure color once all the toning solution is gone out of the pen tip. The instant shading you can achieve is very satisfying and only requires a bit of planning where you want your light source to be.

Chameleon Pens, Leah Cornelius, Altenew Golden Garden, handmade card

You can also overlap and blend colors. Here I used the Bubble Gum pink color for my large flowers first and then on top blended in some Seville Orange on top. Pure color can also be used to darken shadows and for small areas such as the stamens on the blue flowers. There is also a colorless blender pen which is fun to use to create textures especially if the base layer is colored using pure color.

Chameleon Pens, Leah Cornelius, Altenew Golden Garden, handmade card

I really like the brush nib and mainly use that tip. It has a short break in time and really becomes like a brush. I can be very light handed in my coloring and still get good color coverage which I really like. I would definitely recommend these Chameleon pens to anyone who enjoys coloring with alcohol based markers and I do like that fewer pens are needed to achieve light and dark colors. I hope you enjoyed my review of Chameleon pens! Thanks for stopping by :)

Chameleon Pens colors in: Olive Green (OL3), Spring Meadow (YG3), Summer Sun (YL2), Bubble Gum (PK3), Sky Blue (BL3), and Seville Orange (OR4)

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Memento Tuxedo Black Ink

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