Friday, September 4, 2015

Finding some new mojo

Hi! So, I'm sure it's happened to you at times as much as we love all the different things about papercrafting sometimes you just need a bit of a mojo boost. That's how I've been feeling lately and thankfully I found it! You may have been seeing or hearing about adult coloring books. Well I love to color stamped images so the idea of a whole coloring book really intrigued me. So I went looking around on Amazon to see what was out there and fell in love with one particular artist named Johanna Basford. I promptly bought both of the books she has out and have requested her new release (set to come out in October) for Christmas. Here is a glimpse at what I am finding renewed creative energy in.

 All of these pages are from the Secret Garden book. I hand lettered my name. I've been coloring with my Prismacolor pencils but have some gorgeous Faber Castell Polychromos on their way to me! 
 It's very relaxing to sit down and just color. I like that I can have something to work on that is the project in and of itself. Plus my daughter loves to color as well so I bought her a special book and we sit and do it together :)

 I also found a great FB group called An Inky Obsession that focuses on the JB books. It's such a nice supportive group and it's always fun to share! So, have you discovered adult coloring books? I'd love to hear what you think and if you enjoy them as well. Have a blessed day!


LisaM said...

Beautiful! I have heard so much about these, but haven't seen any yet. Looks like something I would enjoy doing. BL

Paula Jennings said...

what wonderful fun you have found! BL

Jean said...

Such a pretty book! these are really becoming popular! BL

Davi said...

Awesome coloring Leah!!