Sunday, September 15, 2013


 Just like the season's of the year I think God takes us through season's in our life. I've been in a very long season of perseverance and learning more about the heart of who I am. It's not all pretty. A lot of it is just plain hard. But just like warm days in winter every now and then, there are little breaks in our season's of life as well. A moment or a day that helps us readjust our perspective or gives us renewed hope to keep on going.

I was just finishing up my work out on my elliptical machine when I heard a loud thump outside the window and looked over just in time to see the noise followed by a small puff of feathers. My heart jumped realizing what had just happened. A bird just flew into our sun room window! I got off the elliptical and rushed outside to see if I could find it as I didn't want our dog to get too curious if she'd heard what I had. There in the grass with it's little beak half open sat this very little sparrow. It was obviously dazed and breathing hard but sitting up right. I picked it up and called the kids and James to come see it. After a few pets all around we decided to put it into one of our pine trees to let it recover off the ground and hoped it would fly away in a few minutes. Thankfully it recovered and off it flew!

I sometimes, well actually quite frequently, feel like that sparrow. I fly into windows and get knocked down constantly by the same failures and habits I so desperately want to change and don't always feel or see much change happening in myself. God showed me it's okay to fly into windows because His loving hands will pick me up, give me new strength and hope to try again. It was a much more thrilling sight to see that common sparrow recover and fly off into the sky knowing it had just flew into the window than seeing it fly and never be knocked down by anything. Perseverance is vital to growth....and windows can help us see more than just what's outside. I'm ready to fly again. I hope you are too.


Charlotte C said...

Beautiful story. TFS.

Davi said...

Leah, A beautiful illustration of how God works in our lives! Thanks for sharing that ;)