Monday, April 22, 2013

My Craft Space ~ A Tour

I enjoy peeking into fellow crafter's studio's and felt inspired to share my space again in a bit more detail. My space is my master bedroom closet. It's not big, about 4x8 foot space, but it's behind closed doors (which is great when you have little kids!) and it's quiet. Most importantly it's a space I get to call my own. Here is the view from the doorway. The desk was given to us and  is a small antique which I love and the chair is a thrift store find.

 Here is a closer look at my desk. It's not a large work area but I find it to be quite adequate.
 Here are all my Copic and Tombow markers. I love these storage units I found online from Studio 3 Solutions. They are the absolute perfect storage for markers and even pencils! I use to have my full set of Prismacolor pencils in the left side unit, but they got re-homed when I got my set of Tombows. I love how little space they take up and can be right at my finger tips.
 Directly in front of me when I sit at my desk is this divided box I found on clearance at Michael's for a few dollars. I love it! I'd been searching for something like this for a long time and finally found it. I keep my unused die cuts, tissue (for wiping off excess glue and such), my Corner Chomper, piercing pad and ruler I use with my exacto knife and stamp cleaner spray and liquid adhesive all in this box because I use all of these things so much I wanted them right by me.

This is the right of my desk and it holds my small Ott light, my ATG gun, a small spinning cady that I found at Marshall's and then as an extension of my desk a small tower of shelves meant for the bathroom, holds my acrylic blocks all neatly housed in a paper holder. Below on the other shelves I have boxes containing embroidery thread, ATG tape refills and some items for my Cricut.

 This is the view to the right of my desk and it holds my bigger machines.
 Here is my little CD/Radio which I use all the time and the basket on top holds my Cricut cartridges that I am always reaching for. Behind it is that not so attractive blob of fabric covering my sewing machine. I use that fabric for projects as well so it's multi functional :)
 This shelf also holds my paper trimmer, clock (so I don't stay up too late;) another paper sorter this time used for all my paper scraps and a little storage tower for small embellishments like brads and eyelets.
 Here is a view below the shelf above. My Cricut Expression lives there along with the 2 Juke Boxes. Amazingly the shelves were deep enough to accommodate cutting with the Cricut with no alteration needed. The shelf below that holds all my Cricut cartridges, another embellie tower and my Bind It All and Xyron Sticker maker. The floor level holds sewing materials and the few magazines I held onto for inspiration as well as some CTMH pattern books for cards and layouts.
This is the wall right next to the shelving and it holds a fabric shoe rack that I hold all my border punches in.  Works great and I love it!

This is the view above all I just showed you. You can see the shoe rack/punch holder to the far right. I have an inspiration board for holding pictures I'm working on scrapbooking and up above on the shelves are various boxes and containers that hold alterable items, PTI clear boxes that stamp sets came in to be re-purposed, my craft totes that I never use because I never go anywhere else to craft, a glass mat that is still in bubble wrap from moving 2 1/2 years ago and other items that I just know I may find a use for one day :)

This is the far right of the shelf that runs above my desk. I have all my buttons in jars, various silk and paper flowers, my Art Journal and the box with the big rose on it holds all my Inspired By Stamping products.

 Continuing along that same shelf there are more baskets and boxes that hold stamps, ribbons and the two far left boxes hold all my Copic ink refills and ink pad refills.
 Now we are to the left side of my space. My ribbon that are on spools live on this re-purposed paper towel rack. I also have some Washi type tape that I got from Walmart. The shelf holds a basket with my Spellbinder dies, some felt, my paint brushes which I use especially for my Art Journal and my Big Shot.
 This is on the other side of my Big Shot. It's another divided box found at a thrift store that works great for all my other die storage. I have all the little bags labeled and the bigger dies are just loose. This has worked out so well for me and they are so easy to find and put away. The basket next to that holds all my embossing folders and the binder holds the Cuttlebug brand dies I have.
 This is the shelf below the one above. All my inks are here and are easily reachable while I am sitting at my desk. My Prismacolor pencils got re-homed here in a basket. Below is typing paper that I use for stamping scrap paper and the containers hold flocking.
 This is the rest of the shelving below where my Big Shot sits. All the baskets except one holds stamps. The one that doesn't have stamps holds my small pads of patterned paper. Then all my other paper is stored in the Cropper Hoppers. This type of storage was perfect for me since I don't have a lot of space.
 Now for a view of inside my desk. This is the right side drawers. The top on holds my pearls and gems and liquid pearls and glitter.
 The next drawer stores my Stickles and glitter that I am working on using up put in glass containers with lids. I find this SO much less messy as I can just dump the extra glitter right back into the container and very little to none falls about my table.
 The bottom drawer holds my punches I reach for a lot and were more convenient here than in my shoe rack.
 This is my middle drawer of my desk. It holds things like post it notes, foam adhesive squares, glue dots, Scor Tape, Painter's tape and a mini stapler.
 Now on the left side the top drawer holds some mini flowers, tags that I've die cut and haven't used as well as some purchased tags, doilies, handmade stick pins and some things I may use sometime and can't seem to part with.
 Below that are my embossing powders. The most used colors are stored like the glitter and I use them way more this way!
 The last drawer holds my new Inktense pencils (love them!) and other tool type things like my clothespins, mini hammer, rags and other paints.
Finally this is the left side of my desk on the floor. It's a small spot but holds important supplies I need in easy reach frequently. Another Cropper Hopper full of the good white and cream cardstock used for card bases and die cutting and my Martha Stewart scor board.

Whew!  If you go through this very long tour I am impressed :)  I dearly love and am so thankful for my space and had a lot of fun sharing it with you! I'd love to hear what you think and thanks for touring it with me :)


Colleen Dietrich said...

It's not the size of the crafting space that matters, it's the wonderful feeling of having that space all to yourself for doing what you enjoy. :-)

Love how neat and organized you are, Leah. I see we both have a penchant for that! Thanks for sharing your space with us. I do love peeking into others' craft spaces!

Pammejo said...

I have to agree with Colleen, it is an amazing space and you have made it so homey. If you never told us it was a closet I would have never guessed, all I can say it is an amazing space, so creative and so well organized. Thanks for sharing your space with us.

Shani Thomas said...

Well I just have to say that I second Pam and's not the space in square feet that's important, it's how well you use what you've got and I think you've done an excellent job of making a space that works for you and reflects you as a person. Thanks for sharing!

Catherine Jane said...

WOW. That is organization at its very best. Thank you for the tour! I've come away with some excellent inspiration!

Davi said...

Awesome workstation Leah!! Very organized, gave me some good ideas ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice little cozy space you have. Love it!

You've organized your space so well!

Vicki Dutcher said...

How fun to share your space with us. It might be small, but it sure is organized well!