Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little Girl Congrats

I had a request for a congratulations card for a little girl at our church that just recently memorized all the books of the New Testament. I thought the little princess from Tiny Treat Birthday would be a good fit, so I went with that:)  I used up a little felt flower I've had for ages as well as some flower brads. Really working on using up my stash before buying more, but it sure isn't easy! I'm going to keep at it though and I've started to make Christmas gifts in an effort to not be stressed out this year, so I hope to put a dent in some supplies.

No news on the kitchen. *sigh*  I just never knew how long it takes to do a big project like this. We are ready on our end, but the company we are working with is super busy and so we have to wait for our turn. Hopefully we are about 2-3 weeks out now. I will be very happy if it's all done by the end of October so all my holiday baking can be done in a fabulous new kitchen! Thanks for stopping by:)


carol (krillsister) said...

What a precious card. Love that felt flower with the flower brads.

Leigh said...

Very pretty-- she will love this! I used this same image this week, Leah-- except mine is from Tremendous Treats. It's very cute!

Jen Adcock said...

Sweet as pie! That wee felt flower has added so much to your already stellar card. Love it! Yummy colors used too!