Monday, November 21, 2011

How Thanks Brings Change

When I am feeling wind tossed and bent low I am slowly remembering to turn my mind toward whispering thanks. Thanks for the most obvious, thanks for the unseen, thanks because without it I will blow away and scatter and be lost. It's not an easy remembering....or doing. But the scarifice of it is what makes it have value. To me and to Him.

When I do remember, when I do sacrifice, my heart softens, turns, changes. The feeling in the air shifts and I feel more that I can bend in the wind without becoming broken from discouragement. Being broken from His gentle hand is good, but through thanks He builds up again.

I have been noticing how expectations on my end bring discontent, not thanks. If the expectation is only that God will provide, He will satisfy with all I need then my hope in others fades to where it should be. To letting them be them and me giving thanks for what and who they are. This is hard thanks and I am pressed to remember it this week. I will bend, surrender and say the thanks anyway so that I will be changed.

*Rain in the night
*A dear friend visiting for the week
*New pots and pans
*The best oatmeal ever, cooked in my new sauce pan
*Legos and dolls everywhere
*Crawling baby under foot
*Faithful husband ever providing
*The gift of cooking for those I love
*Hope that never dissapoints


Sarah xx said...

Hi Leah, just stopped by, I hadn't for a while but so thrilled to see the newest addition to your beautiful family. Sending you all lots of love Sarah xx

Lee said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings. The verse from my morning devotional was "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good...". Your post affirms God's word for me today.