Friday, July 8, 2011

A couple of baby cards and good news

I finally felt like creating and that is a great feeling :) Used a couple of new PTI stamps always get a lot of love from me since I can sell a ton of cards in a local shop. The flower on the stork card is made out of used dryer sheets, just die cut some flowers with a Cuttlebug die and layered them, makes really pretty, sheer flowers.

We got some good news today on Makaio! We got his birth certificate which is a huge step forward, now we have a week or two before we officially start waiting for travel dates. It still could be a long time...think September, but I think we have a good shot at sometime in August. So even though it's still disheartening how long it's taking, any move forward is great. Please pray that the Embassy doesn't want any more info and just approves us, we will travel so much sooner that way. Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

Your cards are wonderful, and congratulations on your adoption. I hope you get to travel sooner than later to bring home your baby boy!


Mara... said...

Your cards are wonderful!! I love the one with the doily and the dryer sheet flower is so clever!!

Good thoughts coming at you about travel dates. I hope they come sooner rather than later!