Sunday, July 3, 2016


Hello! Not sure if you've heard but this is the first month recognizing July as watercolor month! I was so excited to find that out and participate. I'm posting my paintings everyday on IG and FB so if you follow me there will have seen these :) But I thought I'd share on my blog too since I've neglected it a bit.

After giving it quite a bit of thought I finally decided that I wanted to use my color swatch sketchbook and fill it up with different limited palettes. This will help me in my color mixing, which I feel I am still not great at and learning. Being limited in how many colors you can use in a painting is both freeing and challenging. This is my day one of the challenge. I used Quin. Rose, Hansa Yellow Light and French Ultramaine Blue. All Daniel Smith watercolors. The flowers were inspired by my Oriental Poppies that bloomed in my garden this spring.

Day two I decided to do a bird study. I drew the bird very lightly in pencil and then in ink and then added the watercolor. One thing I am learning with limited palettes is that all your colors are in harmony with each other and it is much harder to just instantly create mud. That's a good thing!

Today is day 3 of the challenge and I did a very quick sketch of some daisy's that are blooming in my garden right now. I just went straight to sketching them in pen and then painting. The colors I used are Hansa Yellow Light, New Gamboge, Phthalo Blue and Payne's Gray. 

Do you love watercolor? Are you participating this month? If so I'd love to see what you are doing. I think I'm going to learn a lot this month!

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