Monday, July 25, 2016

Peony Tiles

Hello! Another Art Neko card to share with you today!

Sometime it's really fun to use a small stamp and do a repeating pattern with it. I chose the pretty stamp (A257) Small Framed Peony with Carvings. I also didn't want to color in every square to add interest, so I chose specific ones and colored those with Copic markers. Some rhinestones finished my design.

Thanks for joining me!


Sabrina said...

What a great layout! It makes me think of a deck of cards dealt out ready to play some version of solitaire. I like the partial colouring - it's fun to see the coloured and plain images beside each other and see the peonies come to life as they are coloured.

Hetty said...

Beautiful card and I love the othea of leaving some spots uncolored.