Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Artful Journaling Wednesday

Hi! I am going to be posting each Wednesday some kind of artful journaling tip or tutorial for you and I am partnering with the Journal me Joyful group on Facebook. It's a closed group, but just search for it and request to be added.

I got a few requests to do some posts on lettering. So I'll be focusing on that for the next several weeks :) Let's start with a serif font. You can use any type of pen for this. I used a Sharpie pen for the demo word and Stabilo pens for my completed page.

A serif is a small line or embellishment at the ends of a letter.

Here's an example for you step by step of one way you can create serif letters.

  1. Write your word using plain print.
  2. On the down strokes of your letters, see the arrows above, draw a line next to your letter. These you will color in so that your down stroke lines appear thicker.
  3. See?
  4. Now add your serifs. I added little lines to the "L" "v" and e" 
  5. You could then embellish your word with some doodling.
Now it's your turn! Practice those serif letters. Write encouraging words in your journal using the serif font. You can thicken the lines on the down strokes, or leave them skinny. You can add a little ball at the end of certain letters such as I did on my "J" and "Y". You can even just make one letter in the serif font and combine it with your regular writing like I did on the word "Peace."

Here's my completed journal page:

Thanks for joining me and I hope you give it a try!

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