Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Come With Me- Book Review

The book Come With Me by Suzanne Eller is summarized by the back of the book saying:

"Where you are going is not as important as who you go with. Imagine that Jesus walks up to you, right now, and asks you to follow him. He doesn't tell you where, and he doesn't tell you what it will entail. He just asks you to come. Will you say yes?"

I was looking forward to reading this book, but unfortunately I was left disappointed. I personally had issues with comments made in the introduction (one being Mrs. Eller personifying Peter as unreliable. If you actually read the gospels Peter is specifically mentioned almost 100% of the time as being right there with Jesus. That does not give me the impression of an unreliable person.) Overall I'd have to say the heart of what she is trying to say is good and I agree with it, but for me I had a very hard time getting through the whole thing. I guess I just couldn't connect with this style of writing and with some assumptions made as fact. I'd have to rate this one 3 stars and I personally wouldn't recommend it to anyone I know.

**This book was given to me for an honest review from Bethany House Publishers. All opinions are my own.** 

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