Saturday, December 19, 2015

Watercolor Pears

Hello! So I have been pursing working on my watercoloring skills and have been taking several online classes through the Craftsy site. I have been very pleased with the classes I've been taking and have been learning a lot, and have a lot to keep practicing. This pear painting is one done for one of my classes on how to mix colors without creating "mud". Mud is mucky color that loses transparency and, in general, isn't what you want in watercolor. I am now primarily using a split primary palette of just 6 colors. 

I have also been dabbling in sketching in pen and watercolor and plan to do this more and more. I have been trying out several different art journals and would love to hear if you are interested in reviews of products and other art related topics. I so do appreciate those of you who come by and visit! I'd love to hear from you. Hugs...

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Davi said...

Well Leah for some reason I cannot view the image of the pears, but I have no doubt that they are beautifully done~