Friday, November 13, 2015

Cracked Glass

Hi there! Today I have a fun technique that's been around for quite some time but maybe you'll be inspired to re-visit it. It's called cracked glass and is super simple but gives a unique touch to your project. I'm sharing for the Inspired By Stamping blog today. Let's get started!
Here are some of the basic supplies you'll need for this technique. Versamark ink and Ultra Thick Embossing powder and a heat gun as well as stamps and ink.  If you don't have UTE, just use whatever clear embossing powder you do have. I began by die cutting my focal point label and did all my stamping.
The next step is to completely cover your stamped die cut with Versamark ink. Then you cover it with your clear embossing powder. You will need to do this many times until you get a nice thick layer. I was using UTE and had to do it about 6 times. You can either add more embossing powder while the last heat set part is still hot or let it cool in between and add more Versamark ink and then pour more embossing powder on.
Here is a close up (sorry it's a bit blurry!) of the sheen and thickness of the melted embossing powder. You can see I missed a couple little spots but that's okay as another step will cover them up. As soon as you are done with your last layer of heat embossing go put it in the freezer! Just for about 2 or 3 minutes.
Here it is out from the freezer. Your panel will warp a bit but that is fine. The next step is to take your die cut in both hands and  gently bend it to crack the embossing powder. That is your cracked glass!
If you want you can rub some Distress ink into the little cracks and possibly missed spots like I had. Then you are ready to make your card!
And here is my final card. This is a fun technique which I hope you'll try or re-try!
Thanks so much for joining me today!
Happy Fall
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Jennifer Jackson said...

Gorgeous Card! Thanks for the reminder on this technique- I tried it once ages ago but forgot how cool it is! You've inspired me to try it again soon!