Sunday, March 16, 2014

Girly Felt Coin Purse

My daughter's birthday is coming up soon and I was so excited to make her a little coin purse. The most recent PTI release was featuring some very clever dies that enable you to create custom coin purses and I loved the idea of how easy the dies made putting the zipper in. But, right now I can't afford to buy anymore crafty supplies so I did some brainstorming and came up with a way to make my own version using dies I already had.

Cutting the felt to the die size that PTI is releasing was easy as it's just a rectangle so I did that with some fabric scissors and easy measuring. Then came the cut out part you need to be able to sew the zipper in easily. I was thinking about all the dies I have and the Movers and Shakers die, Spinner's Die came to mind. It has one straight track die that I thought might work.

My first attempt didn't work as the die is too long for a 4" zipper but it was so close. So I realized if I marked my felt at a 4" length and then cut the die half way through, backed it out of my machine and slipped the die under the already cut portion and realigned it to finish cutting the length I could get the perfect 4" I needed. It worked!! I then just used my sewing machine to sew it onto my felt. I just carefully sewed until I need to zip or unzip the zipper to accommodate my sewing foot.

I then die cut other dies I already have, flowers, the heart border and the little butterfly are all from PTI and a couple of extra hearts. After I was done with embellishing I just sewed up the edges with my sewing machine and I have an adorable coin purse to give my daughter! I am also thinking that next time I will cut my base rectangle a little larger with pinking shears to have a cute pinked edge.

Maybe one day I'll be able to get the PTI dies for the coin purse, but I am super thrilled to be able to make them with what I already have. Oh! I also didn't even buy the zipper, I just ripped it out of an old pair of my daughter's shorts :)  So, thank you to PTI for the idea and maybe this will help someone else who just afford to buy anymore right now :)  Have a fabulous day!!


Sandy Kay said...
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Sandy Kay said...

That is adorable Leah! I am in the same boat. I really want that die and plan to get it in the future, but just couldn't swing it at this particular time. Thanks for the inspiration to go ahead and make some cute coin purses in the meantime!

Susan said...

Your purse is adorable Leah! I must have been typing up my blog post when you were posting, as I had the same idea to make a purse using what I have on hand. I used the Journaling Card 1 die to make mine, but I love the size of yours - mine is a bit small. Way to go using what you have on hand!

nancy jane said...

This is so sweet, Leah. Love your ingenuity and creativity to make something so charming with items on hand. I have to second Susan, "Way to go!"

Kathy Mc said...

Great job, Leah, and what a darling little coin purse for your daughter. Very clever to use product on hand!

Kim said...

The purse is adorable! Love those colors and the flowers are so pretty. I have the flower dies and have been wanting to make some hair clips for my niece.