Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Life and a tutorial

Not sure what the rest of the year will bring but in it's first few weeks it hasn't been filled with the most pleasant of happenings. My uncle died right before Christmas, so my mom and I made a trip out of town to attend the memorial service, which was good but not a super fun trip considering why we went. While away my hubby's dream saltwater aquarium that we had just purchased together failed in the middle of the night. Failed...meaning 220 gallons of water flooding our home. :(  It may have been a blessing I wasn't home to add to the panic. Thankfully hubby managed to act quickly, save all the fish and get most of the water contained and out of the house relatively fast leaving us with only a small amount of damage. After this disaster he made the hard decision not to continue with the hobby for now and we had to let all our fish go to a local shop. Very sad for us all. Then my little dog Jasper had a tick party on him that kept me up for hours one night after discovering one that turned into about a dozen....

I'm tired. I'm out of my normal routine which doesn't sit well with me. I'm amazed that even though we've had so many hard things hit us within a few short weeks things are not nearly as bad as they could be and the lessons God is whispering to us through the storm are needed changes in our life. Peace is still ours despite the turmoil and I am hopeful for what good will be made out of all this mess.

On the crafty side of things I do have a tutorial up on Inspired By Stamping. I hope you'll go take a peek. I hope to be getting back to creating super soon and I have a fun announcement too :)  Thanks for stopping by.


Kim said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your uncle's passing. The Lord does have away of lettng us know we need to make changes even though we don't realize it as we are going through the storm. Hugs to you my friend.

Cassie said...

Wow, Leah, you certainly have had a full plate. I'm so sorry that your uncle died, although I'm sure found blessings in that time with your mother. I'm definitely a routine person, so I feel you. And you're right, things can always be worse. Thanks for your encouragement :)