Monday, December 3, 2012

As For Me and My House....

This is my son, Makaio. His name means "God's Gift." And he is. But as with all gifts there comes responsibility and care for it. I love my son. I longed for this child and God answered me plea and safely set him in my arms and I am so, so thankful.

 But, all that seems to fly out the window lately when we sit down for a meal. Notice the plump belly, the round cheeks? Well this sweet son of mine who ate everything placed in front of him is now being picky....refusing to eat what he is served and I get awfully wound up about it :( Not taking the best care of my gift because my impatience and frustration cloud my vision and while I'm lost in that I can't see him anymore.

I left the dinner table tonight in tears over it. After a few minutes of mindlessly blog surfing to just unwind, I calmed down and realized that I can't control him anymore that I can control...well, anything or anyone!!  Him not eating (much) goes so against every motherly instinct I have that I get into a panic mode that he will starve himself and why am I failing as a mom to get him to eat?!  But it's just another step in letting go and letting him develop into the person God ultimately wants him to be. Sure he needs guidance and loving discipline (including what he is served to eat) but my panicked and angry attitude is not going to help him be secure in his choice to eat....or not. It's a hard thing to step back and let your child fall. But they will and do get back up and will be stronger for it....and I will be stronger too.

Anyone else have a picky eater? Any tips or suggestions? Thanks for visiting with me today:)


Loopylou. said...

hiyah leah!
awww huge hugs hun! sounds like meal times is a bit urgh at the minute.
My little boy ( who is nearly 8 now!) went through the same faze with eating and I fixed it by using serving bowls and popping spoons in each bowl, then at meal time we didn't make a fuss just all got what we wanted out of each bowl and popped it on our plates. For the first couple of days he was just picking at the bits and popping a tiny amount on his plate but after just one week he was choosing himself a good size portion and eating it all up. We knew he wasn't starving as he wasn't waking up in the night hungry!!!
hope this helps a little
hugs Lou xxx

Design Originals by KC said...

As a pediatric nurse for over 10 years I agree with Loopylou... let him have choices at the dinner table but don't push him.. he will eat when he is hungry :) Thanks for posting your dillema! Kathi

Joyce said...

Oh, I feel for you, Leah. My advice--don't push him. He will eat when he is hungry. He will not starve. But, don't give him snacks and stuff because you are worried that he is not eating. You want him to get hungry, so he will eat the good and nutritious food. When he is 6 feet tall, and eating you out of house and home, you will look back on this time and have a good laugh.

Joan B said...

My son is 22 and is still a picky eater. Here's the thing. People have dislikes and likes and he can have some control. Our pediatrician advised us to do a few things to limit food wars.

1. eliminate anything to drink other than water and milk. Juice has way too much sugar and fills them up and rots their teeth too.

2. Provide a choice -- cheese or peanut butter sandwhich for example. If he rejects both, there is always the :healthy cereal option. If he rejects all three, go back to water and milk.

3. Then let it go. Dinner should be family time not food wars. It isn't as important as it feels. If he skips a few meals the world won't end. He just has to sit and be part of dinner time. Even for 10 minutes.

relax!!! He'll be fine.