Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bundle of Love and Bread

Found this baby card I never shared using Little Bitty Bird and Additions as well as Sweet Baby (I think) for the sentiment. This card was inspired by Debbie Olsen. I just love those little sweet.

I have been making traditional sourdough bread for several months now and have had trouble with it crumbling and not rising to a big sandwich size loaf. After lots and lots of scouring the Internet for tips and recipes I think I have finally figured it out. For me anyway! I would hope it would work for anyone else as well, but bread can be a very finicky thing. I finally came to developing my own recipe and applied many things I've learned along the way and finally have been getting consistent results like this:

I am super happy that I can finally make consistent bread that tastes great and slices up to make fabulous sandwiches, amoung other yummy things. If anyone is interested I'd be more than happy to share the recipe and share what tips I've learned and what does and doesn't seem to work. Thanks so much for dropping by!

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Rhonda said...

Bitty Bird is perfect for this card. The bread likes yummy.