Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pretty Bird Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated my mom's and a family friends birthday as they are a day apart. This was the card I gave to our friend. I used some Skipping Stones stamps again and fussy cut them all. I must say though I don't mind fussy cutting I sure have become dependant and a bit atticted to dies and that lovely rounded edge you get with them ;) The stitching on the card is not the best as it was hand done since my poor sewing machine died and I have not gotten another one yet. I definetly prefer a sewing machine to hand stitching! Maybe Christmas will bring me a new one.

If you are a regular reader I have mentioned that we are re-doing our kitchen and it's been a very slow process thus far, but is improving since we changed who we are working with. Happily we are working with a couple of local businesses now and they have been wonderful. We picked out our granite and are awaiting the cabinet pricing to come in before we finalize everything. It's very exciting but such a big investment that I feel a wee bit overwhelmed at times. I must say though I really look forward to countertops that aren't all chipped, stained and missing actual chunks and cabinets that aren't competely cracked and have in the past (before the house was ours) fallen off the wall. Looking forward to the trip to pick out our actual granite slabs and finalize everything. Thanks for stopping by!

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