Saturday, July 30, 2011

Little Dancer

 I made the roses using my Cricut and Mother's Day Bouquet. The key is lots of crinkling of the paper and making the very center look like a rose bud, tight but not too tight.
The buttons were made using a PTI die and then stamping them and then using Ultra Thick Embossing powder to give them the glaze and shine. I love how they come out this this! I use the coasters to cut them out so they are pretty sturdy to start with but the UTE they are really sturdy.

***We haven't heard anything specific to Makaio but we did hear that overall all the children with pnuemonia are doing well with the treatment. As far as we know he hasn't been hospitalized and that is a good sign. If you would continue to pray for us with the Embassy I'd be so grateful. We learned some very upsetting things this week that could possibly make the process months longer to get him home or loose him forever. Basically the Embassy has final say and if they refuse to grant a visa our boy will never get to be ours. BUT, we haven't heard yet, so there is still time to hope that we will get a miracle and just get approval and travel dates. We may hear next week...I'll keep you all updated. Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts, they are helping me get through this.*****


Elena said...

Leah - you're in our prayers... I'm glad to hear Makaio hasn't been hospitalized, but hopefully he will be granted his visa soon! Your scrap page is beautiful! I love all the little elements that make it so soft and pretty...

Shannah said...

This is a gorgeous layout! Those roses are exquisite and the buttons are sweet!
I won't comment on Makaio as I already know your awesome news!! ;) but I do hope he is doing much better health wise ready for his big trip home!