Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grandparents are the best

I am so incredibly blessed to have amazing parents. I mean really wonderful, supportive, there for me no matter what parents who are also my dearest friends. And I am SO blessed that they live in the same town as me and get to spend so much time with me and my kids. I have been feeling such a deep need to scrap pictures lately and I am really loving it. I love reliving all those still captured moments that I may or may not remember every detail to but that tell an amazing story of our life. So, I have been scrapping all the pictures I have developed already and then want to move on to the many that are still in my camera or CD's. (*don't forget to back up your precious pictures people! They really are irreplaceable*) These are my parents with my son not long after he was first I miss those baby days!! Ayati means Grandma in Amharic which is Ethiopia's national language. The interesting thing is that though they have a national language, the vast population doesn't speak it! They still have so many tribes and are the only African country never to be colonized (hence NO one speaks French) they still have hundreds of native dialects alive and well. My son, had he grown up in the area he was born in, would not have spoken Amharic. But, I wanted to learn and use at least one native word from his birth country and my parents, especially my mom was so happy to have him call her Ayati. (Pronounced AH-YA-TEE) My daughter calls her that too of course:) Anyway..had fun with this one, broke out my Page Maps book for the sketch and find that a really relaxing way to get LO's done. I want the Page Maps 2 book, but I think I'll try to use the one I have first ;) Hugs

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