Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cuttlebug Double Dry Embossing Technique

The other night when I was playing around with my Cuttlebug embossing folders the idea struck me that I could layer my embossing on the same card base or piece I was embossing. So I gave it a whirl and sure enough it works!! I call it Double Dry Embossing. I have left the pictures big so that if you click on them you'll get a really big picture to pop up so you can see the detail better.

What I discovered is that the Swiss Dots folder makes a very nice small overlay or underlay and it works best if you use a more "open space" folder for the first or second layer. On the examples here I used Swiss Dots and the Styalized Flowers folder.

You can achieve two different looks depending on what folder you emboss with first. The second folder you emboss with will be more prominent since the first embossing does get flattened a bit. On my examples here I used ink and chalk to highlight the more flattened embossing.

The first example (above and directly below) I embossed my card front with the Swiss Dots first, then inked it, then embossed the with the Stylized Flower folder directly on top of the already embossed and inked Swiss Dots. In the close up picture you can see that the flower embossing is more prominent than the Swiss Dots, though the Swiss Dots still do have demention to them.
Here is the second example. In this one I reversed the order, so I embossed with the Styalized Flowers first, chalked them, then embossed directly over the top with the Swiss Dots. In the close up shot you can see that the Swiss Dots are now the more prominent embossing.

As I mentioned before this technqiue works best with the Swiss Dots and a more "open space" folder. But, the look is up to you! I hope you enjoyed my discovery and will give it a try yourself. If you do link me your creation so I can come take a look. Any comments or questions please feel free to leave in the comments section. Thanks for visiting!


Julie said...

Very cool!! I'll have to try this for sure!!!! Love your examples!

Pam said...

I will totally try this! I've been playing with my Cuttlebug all evening and going through tons of scrap paper. Thanks for the great tip!!

scrapnnMO said...

Oh thanks for the tip!

Gracie said...

I saw something a little like this, but your method is much, much better!! Way to think creatively/outside the box!

--Gracie at

Anonymous said...
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